Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grain Prices Rise and Shortages May Result - What Can I Do Now?

 While I'm still recuperating from pneumonia, I have been spending a bit more time on the computer. I came across this article from Mother Earth News and I feel strongly that every one of us should read this and then decide what we can do about it.

The essence of the article is something that I have been watching with interest for some time. Grain prices are rising! And at an alarming rate.  Read this for yourself and see that weather, natural disasters and using up to 30% of our grains for fuels are all behind these increases. 

You may not feel that you use many grains but if you eat bread, cereal, crackers, pasta and a host of other items and if you buy food for your pet, you are using a lot more grains than you think. Everyone has noticed the rising prices over the past year or so and if my guess is right, they will continue to spiral upward.

The other thing that concerns me are the shortages that are on the horizon. Even if you have money, you can't eat it. The wise steward will stock a supply of essentials for personal and family use . . . and if you can, enough to share with others when the situation arises, and it surely will.

If your resources (money) are tight, then start small, but work steadily to build up your storage. Storing items correctly will be a boon as well. If you don't store it properly and have to throw it out, well . . . that would be a low down dirty shame. For dry items, check out my very first blog post on canning crackers (and anything else dry including popcorn, nuts, pasta, flour and meal, and the list just goes on). Take advantage of BUY ONE - GET ONE FREE deals. This week, I bought 4 boxes of graham crackers that way. I now have 4 half gallon jars filled with them.  We opened up a jar of crackers last week (because the ones in the pantry were stale) and they were as crispy and fresh as if we had just opened a brand new package.
* The stale ones have been revived by microwaving them, allowing them to cool thoroughly and then storing in an airtight container.

If you find the Mother Earth News article helpful, then research the topic online and you may be surprised at the deluge of information out there.

While you will pay more at today's current prices to build a food storage, you will never be sorry for investing your money in something so necessary for yours and your family's well-being. 

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