Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You Building a Raft? a Boat? or an Ark? - Part THREE

Here's the final part for your three part food storage plan:


Once you have obtained a year’s supply of Basic and Expanded Basic Storage items, continue to build your storage considering the following:

An extensive First Aid Kit

Cleaning & laundry supplies including bleach

Paper & Plastic Products:
                Paper Towel, toilet tissue, paper plates,
                Foil, plastic wrap and food storage bags,
                Trash bags, etc.

Personal Supplies:
                Soap, toiletries, shampoo
                Feminine hygiene products

Water tanks (for more than 2 week supply)

Fuel & Light (for heating as well as cooking)
                Propane, Kerosene, wood or coal
                Matches, candles, Oil lamps,
                Flashlights & batteries, paper logs
                A Camp stove or other method to cook

Pet Foods & Supplies

Canning, Preserving & Freezing Supplies

Equipment:  Tools, mechanical & garden, sewing machine,  radio, etc.

Bedding:    Sleeping bags, pillows

Financial:  Cash & others resources

 Source:  Essentials of Home Production and Storage, 1978 (32288)

* Next week I will begin sharing techniques for making pickles, sweet and dill, and sauerkraut.  They are really easy to do!

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